Monday, March 28, 2016

Don't That Jazz Beat All

When you’re sad and can’t let go, jazz gives a beat for the heart to bang on; don’t you agree? Moments lost in rhythm reflection relieves sad; I’m glad, if but only a while. Respite, relief in a beat, allows healing.

“Come one, come all,” the trumpet called. Feet shuffling, hips swaying; we answered. Heart break and pain stowed away in a distant part of the brain.  “Feel good,” shouted the slide trombone. Our eyes retreated a worried vigil to catch the colors of music vibrating through and around.

 Low, sweet, just a steady beat to hang on, the soul harmonizes. Who, but the jazzman can ease our grief to release the spirit?

We spin, soar, holler for more with burdens forgotten.

Thanks Mr. Jazzman!