Monday, June 19, 2017

What Do We Want?

The world I want runs on compassion, respect, and love; it’s all here. When we behave in harmony with the lessons of Christ, which is my frame of reference growing up in the Catholic Church, life holds some sweet days. I believe in karma and that we’re growing into spiritual beings.
Admittedly, my understanding of the yin and yang concept needs fine tuning, but the Ouroboros symbol of the snake chewing its butt appalls me; can’t we do better than that?
Why does the snake eat its tail? Why is Congress consistently doing things that hurt the people? I can be blind to the obvious sometimes; why do I assume that people want to do good?
A friend of mine, a mafioso type from Chicago once said,
“As smart as you are, how come you’re no further along than you are?”
“I’m honest and do things legit.”
I could hear disappointment and more in the one word.
This reminded me that many big businesses were funded by criminal endeavors; what does it take for me to get it that all the goodness and love in the world won’t change the greedy willing to do anything for money and power?
A career in government has become the latest path to riches and grand lifestyle with big business buying votes on both sides of the aisle.
Remember marching in the 60’s and the 70’s?
“What do we want?”
“When do we want it?”
Mitch McConnell is right Congress will never against big business influencing elections; why would they?
We, the people, need to be clear about what we want, one human, one vote. We don’t contribute all our working lives to have Social Security taxed or robbed by the rich.
As I recall from my studies a long time ago, we have the right of referendum to put something on a national ballot. Getting lobby perks, pact money, and free trips out of government will have to come from us or it won’t happen.

And then we’ll be heading in a direction where respect and compassion might thrive.